100+ Sagittarius Quotes And Sayings

Sagittarius Quotes And Sayings SUFFUZE

Sagittarius Quotes And Sayings



Sagittarius fall in love without thinking about the consequences.



Sagittarians are not normally sentimental, however, they can get really attached to a favorite sweater that has seen better days.



When bored music is a Sagittarius’ salvation.



At the end of the day, Sagittarius just wants to have fun.
Mary Valby



Sagittarius is more interested in contentment and joy than in material gain.
Margarete Beim



Sagittarius will give you the world if you wanted it. When they fall for someone it’s the real deal.
Freeda Gillbert



They see your text. They just don’t feel like replying it.



Anytime someone tells me that I can’t do something, I want to do it more.
Taylor Swift



I dress the way I want. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not.
Britney Spears



Sagittarius find the little things in life amusing.


Besides, I’m a Sagittarius. We are the zodiac’s eternally sunny, hopeful sign.
Gigi Anders



Sagittarians are aliens disguised as humans.
Ramana Pemmaraju



A Sagittarius will move their plans just to spend a whole day with their partner or love interest.
Natasha Reeves



I’m sensitive but strong, soft but resilient, broken but fixable.
Gemma Troy



I’m a Sagittarius. We need things done now.
Christina Applegate



Sagittarius hates drama, but drama loves them.



As a Sagittarius your transforming path is spirituality, and how you embrace the world is extremely important.
Diane Eichenbaum



People with strong Sagittarius influence are upbeat and optimistic, spreading good cheer and inspiring others wherever they go.
Kris Brandt Riske



A Sagittarius can look emotionally distant. But in reality, he or she has a big heart.

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