100+ Pinky Promise Quotes And Sayings

Pinky Promise Quotes

Pinky Promise Quotes And Sayings


Pinky holds huge secrets.


Happiness is… a pinky promise.


I will always find you, protect you, and won’t let you down. I pinky promise.


Remember back when a pinky promise meant everything?


Pinky promise. This shit is legit.


Pinky is capable of keeping many important secrets.


Will you pinky promise me that no matter where the world takes us, we will always be best friends


Their pinky fingers are still waiting for one another, to come and hold, to make again a promise… Just a ‘pinky promise’


I pinky swear. Irrevocably in love.


Let’s do a pinky swear to stay friends until we are old.


Happiness is… A pinky promise.


Rain or shine, I’ll always be there. Pinky promise.


I pinky promise today, tomorrow, always.


A pinky promise brings us true happiness.


I pinky promise that I will never hurt you.


I pinky promise that we will make up for the lost time we didn’t spend together.

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