100+ Never Fold Quotes And Sayings

Never Fold Quotes

Never Fold Quotes And Sayings



The key is: Never fold.
Dj Khaled


I don’t fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure…so put pressure on me.


Let your challenges mold you not fold you.



My baby know I got it under control, never will I crack under pressure or will I fold.


I won’t fold, I can’t fold, is what I say to myself over and over.


Pressure can burst a pipe or pressure can make a diamond.


I wouldn’t want the pressure of a Six Feet Under or the pressure of improvising like Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Head heavy, heart cold, stay solid, don’t fold.


I wasn’t raised to fold under pressure. I was taught to apply it.


Restart. Reset. Refocus. As many times as you need to. But don’t fold.

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