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Lock Every Door Quotes


Never take anything you haven’t earned, my father used to say. You always end up paying for it one way or another.


One time is an anomaly. Two times is a coincidence. Three times is proof.


Every so often, life offers you a reset button. When it does, you need to press it as hard as you can.


Pain equals clarity. Clarity equals survival.


That can be said of certain places. The closer you get to them, the uglier they become.


Because here’s the thing about being poor—most people don’t understand it unless they’ve been there themselves. They don’t know what a fragile balancing act it is to stay afloat and that if, God forbid, you momentarily slip underwater, how hard it is to resurface.


She’s fascinating in the same way tornadoes are fascinating. You want to see how much they’re going to spin.


I try to pretend I’m not as lonely as I feel.


I’m starting to think I don’t belong anywhere. That it’s my lot in life to occupy limbo al my own.


We grow up expecting our parents to live forever until, one day, they’re suddenly gone.


The elevator resembles a birdcage. The tall, ornate kind – all thin bars and gilded exterior. I even think of birds as I step inside. Exotic and bright and lush. Everything I’m not.


I take a deep breath, trying to collect my thoughts. But they’re an unruly, unreliable bunch. My skull feels like a snow globe recently shaken, swirling with important bits of information that have yet to land. And I can’t grasp


Every so often, life offers you a reset button. When it does, you need to press it as hard as you can.


Because that’s how I feel. Like I’m perched on the edge of a great chasm, waiting for the slightest breeze to shove me screaming into it.


Why do boys totally suck? I’m starting to think it might be ingrained in them. Like, they’re taught at a young age that they can be assholes because most women will let them get away with it.


With wealth comes power. Power earns you importance. And the truly important people in the world deserve to live longer than those beneath them. That’s especially true as we face another epidemic.


I’m the kind of girl you don’t want to fuck with.


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